Tuesday, 12 April 2011

INFINITE.....................ZERO…................INFINITE :-Vedanta concept made easy Part-I

Can we produce something from nothing???
It is impossible.
 All this creation, appearance, cannot be produced out of zero. So we required a cause to produce something Take a example:- Take a glass. Suppose i break it into many pieces, and crush it, and by means of chemicals almost extinguish it. Will it go back to zero???
Without doubt not. The outward appearance will break, but the particles of which it is made will be there; they will go beyond our mind, but they remain, and it is possible that out of these materials another glass may be made. 
 If this is true in one case, it will be so in every case.

Something cannot be made out of Nil (nothing). Nor can something be made to go back to Nil (nothing). It may become small and small, and then again larger and larger.
The seed produces the tree. The tree dies, leaving only the seed & comes up as another tree, which again ends in the seed, and so on…... Look at a bird, how from; the egg it springs, becomes a beautiful bird, lives its life and then dies, leaving only other eggs, containing microbes of future birds.
So with the animals; so with men. Everything begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain basics, certain fine forms, and becomes large and large as it develops; and then again it goes back to that fine form and subsides.
The whole universe is going on in this way. There comes a time when this whole universe melts down and becomes finer and at last disappears entirely, as it were, but remains as superfine matter.
Through modern science we know that  earth is cooling down, and in course of time it will become very cold, and then it will break to pieces and become finer and finer until it becomes ether once more.
 Yet the particles will all remain to form the material out of which another earth will be projected. Again that will disappear, and another will come out.
 So this universe will go back to its causes, and again its materials will come together and take form, like the wave that goes down, rises again, and takes shape. The whole universe, as it were, shrinks, and then it expands again. To use the more accepted words of modern science, they are involved and evolved.
Time and space are infinite, so it’s have neither creation nor ending. It is like a series of waves rising and falling again rise and again fall. As the universe is without beginning and without end, so is God.
To use a better word, Almighty is the manifest of the universe.”
So, we are at the first cycle?
Answer:- If you can give a beginning to time, the whole concept of time will be destroyed. Try to think of a limit where time began, you have to think of time beyond that limit. Try to think where space begins, you will have to think of space beyond that.
We see that it must necessarily be so, because if we say there was a time when there was no creation, either in a gross or a fine form, in that case there was no God, because God is known to us as, the Witness of the universe. When the universe did not exist, neither did He. One concept follows the other.
The idea of the cause we get from the idea of the effect, and if there is no effect, there will be no cause. It naturally follows that as the universe is never-ending, God is unending

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